Thursday, 8 October 2009

TEAM FOS Futsal List

Hi All =)

Team FOSsil
Jersey - Black(Season 2008-2009)

Aizat - FBEPS
Hj Hafiz (c)
Aminor - FASS
Khairi - FBEPS 2nd Yr
Wafiy - FASS 4th Yr

Team FOShizzle
Jersey - Blue(Season 2009/2010)

G Sham(GK) (Notorious B.I.G)
Hadri (Dr. Dre)
Azim (Busta Rhymes)
Hilmie (Eminem)
Genie (Jay-Z)
Padil (P. Diddy)
Zamanee (c) (Jam Master Jay)
Razi (Rza)
Yui (Snoopyui)


Im sorry if I changed the lineups against your likings.. Supaya balance. I do hope we'll do well in the tournament. Bukan lagi hope..i expect! haha

As an ice-breaking session(if you guys dunno sapa2 team kamu..) do come on friday mcm biasa around 5.15pm to main bola okays =).

The drawing will be held on saturday. I'll post the tournament details here.
So please check this site maybe latest my sunday okay =)

GO TEAM FOS FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[p/s: to those yg sudi to lend their jerseys specifically season 2008/2009..diharap2...haha malas ku nyambung =p but yeah..anytime before next week you all =)]


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