Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Team FOS FC | KBU Tourney '09 2nd Rnd Results

Final Score:
FOShizzle 0 - 1 taj

Starting Line-up:
1. Hj. Sham
8. Yusri
13. Hadri
23. Padil
25. Genie

7. Yui
10. Zamanee
12. Razi
14. Azim
15. Hilmi

- Yui for Padil
- Zamanee for Genie
- Razi for Hadri
- Azim for Zamanee

Match Report:

First of all, kami amat berterima kasih atas kedatangan geng2 FOS FC yang hadir untuk memberi sokongan. Walaupun kecundang dengan jaringan yang tipis, the team gave a good performance and had several good chances to score as well but luck wasn't on our side last night.

In the end, it was a good tournament for both teams (& a good learning experience for some players) given that the whole big court was used. Lastly, Maju Sukan Untuk Team FOS FC & Manchester United FC Rules!!

p.s: sorry kalau match report inda mengancam macam c Genie

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