Thursday, 31 December 2009

What a year that was: 2009

Happy New Years everyone. (not too late for me to wish you a happy hijrah too.haha)

2009 saw intake 2005/2009 graduated in a meticulous fashion. With the likes of Hj Hafiz, Hazwan, Musa, Gnok and Fizree graduating, it seemed like an uphill battle to replace the missing pieces. But I think personally, we managed with few new signings(supaya mcm sophisticated bunyinya).

Nevertheless, the final semester of intake 2005/2009 and first semester of intake 2009-2013 were fruitful. With Cepole's prowess and Hadri's constant nagging at HEP, we managed to get some match experience both on the field and futsal. Tapi masa kan tournament saja baru tia kan jogging wahaha. Apa liat2 dri?

The season so far:

Tournaments Competed:

Semester ii Academic Year 2008/2009 (January - May) -


We managed to get through to the Second Round and were knocked out.


1. We looked good in our Black Jerseys =)
2. It was the last tournament for the graduates. hahahahah nada wah.
3. Cepole's 'neighbour'. Hi Fizree!

On a personal note, I believe it was a good tournament for us probably because we didnt qualify the previous one.(hi gnok and zamanee!) gf ah..tetandang bini2 ah..hahaha

Semester i Academic Year 2009/2010 (August - November):

Futsal - Piala Convocation

Two teams registered. Team FOSsil and Team FOShizzle.
Disclaimer: We were in a perfect state of mind when we came up with the names. =)

Only Team FOShizzle was lucky enough to make it into the second round and as usual, knocked out.


1. Aminor set an example, that we should wash our stockings/football socks regularly.
2. Cepole scored and celebrated Drogba Style!
3. Match practice for Adib. Good job dude.
4. Debuts for Azim and Yusri
5. Baju biru!

I want to apologise for the team selection(sebab atu aku cakap last) but I hope you guys had fun =)

Special Thanks For Attendance to:

Fizree - Bimbingan Rohani
Mash - Penangkap Masa
Shah - Sokongan zahir dan batin.
dan lain-lain - sokongan moral


- er..uhm..we need a match reporter! haha
- Kalau org yang bertunang sudah..bisai jadi captain. sorry dri, ko payah tu..hahah
- After graduating, Gnok baru tia bertanya "Kamu main jumat ahad kah selalu?" Alhamdullillah.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for playing their parts in making this year, a good year for us.

See you guys next year!


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well reported dil.. we like it.. keep it up dil ...ahhaaha